Excuses and Updates

by Emily

I’ve been lax in my posting again, something I’m not particularly proud of. I am however proud of some of the things I’ve done while distracted.

I’ve been writing! I’ve had my hand in two separate projects that were published on Skyd Magazine, as well as two articles for the site, How to be a Redhead!

The first project on Skyd was an article series about building a college Ultimate frisbee team. It had five parts, each covering a different element of the process involved with creating and maintaining a successful team.

The second project on Skyd was also an article series, this time about what players need to be healthy athletes for their entire lifetimes. Each article went a little deeper into the types of activities and mindsets necessary to play at your best for as long as possible.

My first article for How to be a Redhead was all about how to wear your red hair with pride! It was fun to write, particularly because I got to write from my own experience. The second article was an exploration into the variety of hair colors redheads tend to have!

I’m enjoying the freelance process and expect to continue it indefinitely.