I Promise I’m Still Alive..

by Emily

I’ve been terrible about posting. I would feel bad but we’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to post or feel bad about my absence here. I do love you all though.

I’m currently on a Student Agency bus (like a Greyhound) on my way to Český Krumlov. I have a three hour ride with WiFi so I thought I would take advantage of that time.

As a group, we spent our first two weeks in Prague at Sir Toby’s hostel in the district Holašovice. The hostel was amazing. I made friends with some of the folks who worked there, which only added to the appeal of the hostel.

Academically, its been a busy abroad. We’re juggling a Czech language class with a wonderful woman, a creative writing class for which we just submitted a surrealist short story, a studio art class for which we just completed large paintings of the Dripstone Wall in Prague, a literature class in which we’re reading Kafka among other things.

We went on a five-hour walking tour with a young practicing architect and his equally knowledgeable new wife of Prague, which was incredible. The architecture here is absolutely fascinating.

We spent hours at the Kafka Museum exploring his life and works. We write and draw every single day, and our Moleskins have some impressive work in them. The abroad brought in a local woman who spent three days on a video art workshop with us, something that was really outside my comfort zone but that ended up being inspiring and wonderful.

We went to a modern dance performance at the National Theater, went to the Hrad and drew for hours, explored the Lobkowicz Palace at the Prague Castle

We usually start our days around 8 and often are going until after 10 pm. We’ve done so much more than I’ve written about here and I hope that I’ll give more detail and more activities.

Its absolutely bizarre remembering that we’ve only been here two weeks today.

I lost Wifi on the bus so I’m continuing this post at the Krumlov House that we’ll be at for the next five or so days before returning to Prague. This hostel is just as amazing as Sir Toby’s but in it’s own way. Český Krumlov is a small village of sorts a few hours outside of Prague and the hostel is short and sprawling with an abundance of character. The girls have been split up into two rooms with five in each, and the four boys have a loft room that has been likened to a Hobbit home. I’ll put up pictures of it after I’ve had a chance to take them.

I’m hoping that I will take the time to post more often, I shouldn’t be as lax about it as I have been.

On that note though, I have some reading waiting for me. I love you all so much.