when you’re having fun…

by Emily

It’s so hard to believe we’ve already been in Australia over a month!! I realized I haven’t shared this yet, and it’s probably a good idea to do so–because we couldn’t find jobs and because we have jobs waiting for us back in the States, it seemed like the right idea for me and Coop to change our summer plans. We are now flying back the 17th of June (two days!!!) and will spend the rest of the summer in Northern Michigan.

It was a super easy and harmonious working out. We’ve had an amazing trip, we’re grateful for all the good that occurred and we’re grateful it was so simple to come back!!

These last couple days have been really great ones!! We’re eager to appreciate all that this country has to offer despite cutting our trip short. We saw the movie Epic (it wasn’t bad), we ate at the BEST burger place I’ve ever eaten at (Grill’d), we saw Despicable Me 2 (which doesn’t come out in the States for another month or something, it was so fun!!), we had fantastic Thai; it’s been so exhausting and so much fun.

I’m absolutely going to miss so many things about this country–there’s no tipping in restaurants, prices include tax so what it says is exactly what you pay, coins are more common and actually add up so quickly, there’s sushi everywhere, my juice bar, I don’t even know what else.

It’s been an amazing trip but we’re both also excited to come back to the States. Love you all bunches!!!