celebrating 366 days. and more..

by Emily

Yesterday was my one-year anniversary with Cooper and it was a really really wonderful day. It began with Milan taking us all out to a surprise breakfast/lunch at a restaurant at the summit of Mt. Coot-Tha. We ate fantastic food overlooking an absolutely stunning view. We were probably three hours away from the ocean but we could see it from our table. The view stretched that far for at least 180 degrees. The food was delicious, the company kind, and the view unforgettable. It was the perfect start to the day.

After returning home, Coop and I walked over to Queen St to pick up the cookie cake he’d ordered the day before to celebrate. We dropped it back at home, and then made our way over to South Bank where we went to our favorite chocolate shop. We ended up sitting there for hours over fondue and cards, before heading to the theater to see Fast and Furious 6. It was so fun: we both really enjoyed it.


We had an extraordinary day filled with good food and so much love. I couldn’t be happier with this boy. Also, it’s pretty awesome that we can say we celebrated a year in Australia.

The last time I posted, I said that I was hoping we’d go see the koala sanctuary that day–we did! It turned out that the koalas weren’t the most exciting part of the trip though. They were stoned off their faces on the eucalyptus plants they were eating and while really cute, incredibly passive. The kangaroos however, were AWESOME. The gift shop sold kangaroo food for only a couple dollars so I insisted we get some. We then went into the kangaroo enclosure (a large pasture-type area) and we fed the kangaroos. How cool is that?? We got to pet them and talk to them and they approached us and nuzzled us and ate out of our hands and IT WAS SO COOL.

There were a lot of other animals at the sanctuary and we appreciated them all except Coop wasn’t so thrilled about the snakes. I thought they were beautiful but he was just glad they were behind glass. After feeding the kangaroos, I think we both thought the Tasmanian Devils were our favorite animals–they were a little like giant mice with tusks, so cute and playful.

Today we woke up and parted ways–I went to a coffee shop to read and write and Coop went to free wifi to download new music and comics and such. It felt so so great to write; I wrote two new poems! I’ve also been plodding through an anthology of poems from around the world; I read 50 or 60 more pages of poems. It was incredibly inspiring and satisfying.

I have to apologize; I didn’t bring my camera with us to the Koala Sanctuary. But. We did get pictures on Cooper’s phone. I will upload those and post them eventually. Don’t worry. Sending love your way!!