someday things will be easy.

by Emily

Ok. I’ve got a lot to write about. It’s been a day or two since I’ve posted so I need to catch you all up!

On Wednesday we decided to be proactive about opening our Australian bank accounts so that when we get jobs, we can be paid directly into those rather than fussing with American accounts. 3 hours later, we left the bank with partially open accounts. We were immensely frustrated. The bank employee who’d been assisting us was a fantastic man. He was super sympathetic and went above and beyond to do his absolute best to help us any way he could. Unfortunately there was only so much he was physically able to do.

Before coming to Australia, both Cooper and I called our banks to alert them that we would be out of the country to prevent any snags using our cards or funds overseas. My conversation with my bank was only a few minutes long and super simple. Cooper’s call was not. They were excited that he was getting the opportunity to go to Australia and pleased that he had called because it gave them an opportunity to let him know they had canceled his debit card.

Apparently he had used it at a merchant that had been hacked and they canceled his card and any others that had also been used at that merchant. Great of his bank to catch something like that. Terrible that they didn’t warn him they were canceling his card.

Now we’re in Australia and he has no card which means no way of accessing his funds. We spent those 3 hours with Carl in the bank here in Australia brainstorming ways to access his money only to run into one dead end after another. Every time we thought we had a solution, we discovered something in the way of success.

It was infuriating. But it was also so cool to see our man Carl being so kind. He was also hilarious. That was a bright spot in our day.

After spending a billion hours in the bank and ending on an unsuccessful note, we went home, curled up and watched Bones, read, and had dinner. A quiet evening was pretty necessary after such a long and frustrating day.

The next day, Thursday, was a much better day. We had some more failures in our attempts to get Cooper some money or at least access to his money, and then we decided to set that aside for a bit and appreciate Australia.

We saw The Hangover: Part III which wasn’t nearly as good as Star Trek but was certainly good for some laughs. We recommend seeing it for cheaper than Australian movie ticket prices. After that, we were really hungry but not sure what we were in the mood for so we wandered around exploring, seeing what was still open at this late hour of 8:30 at night……

We ended up at a place called Gastro-something or other. That was so delicious. Coop had a baguette with cheese, fantastic chicken and a tomato pesto, and I had something called Pumpkin Two Ways. It was so so delicious. It had goat cheese, raw pumpkin cubes, and a pumpkin mousse thing. SO GOOD. Mommy Clarke and Mama Coop, you both would have loved that place. It was small and quiet, the food wasn’t overly fancy but it was all good quality and delicious.

I think that both Cooper and I have never had to work quite so hard at living before. It’s absurd. Almost everything we do requires more effort than we’re used to giving. Everywhere we go, we have to walk probably at least a mile, sometimes 4 or more. To get internet, we usually have to go to the library though more recently, we’ve been able to borrow internet from a bank closer to a mile from the house. To access our money, I’ve been just fine even if I don’t have tons, but Coop’s been having to run around in circles. We’ve been doing lots of job searching (we just applied to two fast food type restaurants, both of which were hiring!).

It’s all so good though. Talking about how difficult so many things have been, we both agreed we don’t really want to be anywhere else. We travel well together and are happy here, though we’ll be excited to be back in the States eventually.

Thank you so so so tons and bunches and lots for all your support and love. We love you!!