still more adventures

by Emily

So today we had the second job interviews that we expressed excitement about, and I think that we’re both just grateful they’re over. Today we were both brought out in the field to observe observers leaders and their teams as they talked to potential donors/customers in a shopping center. I think that my experience was better than Coop’s but we both left feeling that the job was not our right place. 

The people were nice, we both learned new things, there was nothing glaringly wrong wrong with the situation. It just was not right for us. 

Back to square one. 

Time to really exercise patience. It’s been so amazing how many opportunities we’ve had to express gratitude and practice patience. So many things have been frustratingly difficult but we’ve had so many successes and glorious moments.

We actually just had one. It was awesome. 

We both decided that after our unfortunate interviews this morning, we would curl up for the evening, watch Bones and not walk anymore. After a couple episodes however, we decided it would be the respectful thing to do to track down WiFi to email the company informing them we weren’t interested in continuing the process. We found free WiFi to borrow about a half mile from the apartment and plopped down on some stairs to send emails and write this post and finish downloading Wreck-It Ralph. It was nice and simple.

Until a security guard approached us. I immediately was apprehensive and Coop tensed up but HE WAS SO GREAT. He just asked us super politely to not sit (we could stand or lean though!!) or to sit just outside the doors. He also told us jokes and shared stories and gave us job suggestions. 

His name is Tom. He says hi. He says I should our mums that we’re we’re wonderful wonderful folks. He’s the highlight of my day. 

BAH!!! So much goodness.