another day in the life.

by Emily

Yesterday had to have been one of the top three days since we got here. Oh wait. We’ve only been here three days!!

It honestly feels like we’ve been here a lot longer than that. Also, that whole losing Sunday because of flying and the time difference is still skewing our sense of what day it is. We’re both wrong about the day pretty consistently.

We have a story for you. It’s a pretty neat one. We’re both excited. Yesterday, we decided to see Star Trek: Into the Darkness so that Coop could tell Matt that we’d seen it before him (it came out earlier here) and like everything else we go do here, we walked our butts over to the theater. On our way, we came across a woman wearing a sparkly bowler hat and waving a wand. She approached us, we got to chatting, and moments into the conversation, she asked us if by chance we were looking for jobs. I’m sorry, what? Looking for jobs? ABSOLUTELY. Yes ma’am, we certainly are. Within five minutes, we had interviews set up and we were back on our way.

I don’t remember the name of the company, but we’d be talking to people about donating to a few charities that this company works with. Pretty neat idea. Coop and I are both pretty okay at talking to strangers…haha we both think it could be a lot of fun.

On a side note, great movie. We both really enjoyed it and recommend it.

On an (almost) entirely different subject, Australia’s not as super different as we were expecting it to be. That being said, we’ve started keeping track of some of the biggest differences we’ve seen.

The first is something Coop is still coming to terms with; they don’t have any butter or salt to put onto movie popcorn. Our standard movie procedure it to get a obscenely large tub of popcorn, lather it in butter and salt it (and us) to death. Here, YOU CAN’T DO THAT. You can get the large tub, but it’s nowhere near as good without the salt and butter. We’re pretty disappointed.

The second is also a little disappointing and honestly a bit weird… Shops, restaurants, everything here shuts down by about 6 at the latest. We’ll be wandering around the city and it’ll start getting dark at 5:20, and by 5:30-6, not only is the sky dark, but so are most of the businesses! That makes our normal night-owl status’ a little inconvenient. Super weird. We don’t understand.

Next is the obvious one, driving!! We haven’t driven yet, though we’ve been told that our licenses from the States will allow us to legally drive here. I’m excited for that. They drive on the wrong side of the road! How awesome is that?

Fourth is kind of silly. When you go to flush a toilet here, it’s decision-making time. There are two buttons for flushing, you’re supposed to choose which one you need based on the amount of…stuff…in the bowl. Except there’s no real indicator which button is for which option, so I usually just choose arbitrarily. Gambling at its finest.

Fifth is Kit-Kat’s. THEY’RE SO MUCH COOLER HERE. In the States, there are delicious Kit-Kat’s. Here, there are enormous, multi-flavored, many options to choose from Kit-Kat’s. We’re pumped.

Finally, everything costs a buttload more. Movie tickets for the 3:20 normal showing of Star Trek were $17. BAH!! Coop’s normal Macca’s (McDonald’s) meal here is $8.something instead of whatever it is in the states. Those delicious Kit-Kat’s I was talking about are $1.88.

OH! One more thing. Coins in the States are often seen as a hassle, but here, coins are often worth a dollar or two. Coop’s not thrilled to have to carry his change around. I’ve always liked change though so I think it’s awesome.

Alright, this got super super long, and I’m sure I could say tons more, but I’ll save it for another day. Love from both of us!!!