continued exploring…

by Emily

I always used to assume my sense of direction was a bit…lacking but I have had so much fun these last couple days exploring Brisbane with Cooper. We have both been consistently able to find the things we want to find, with minimal direction. Yesterday, we wandered around looking for a casino we’d heard we should look for work at and we found it! We’d been told a general “that way” and to look for water, though whether we were to look for Water Street or literal water, we were unsure.

Not only did we find that casino and another, we also found the Brisbane River and gorgeous Botanical Gardens. Our return routes were different than our original routes and we were thoroughly enjoying our explorations. I’m loving our competence at navigating our way through the city and surrounding areas.

This trip has really become something so much bigger than originally intended. Cooper wanted this to be a fulfillment of a dream he’d had and I wanted an interesting summer. We’ve both gotten that, but we’ve also gained a lot of confidence in our ability to accomplish what we put our minds to.

After deciding we wanted to pursue this trip, we were the ones that researched visas and a place to stay and employment options and flights. We compared prices and options did these things all on our own. Rather than relying on Mom or Dad to put an itinerary together, complete with bathroom breaks and the works, we did it.

And we succeeded.

Now we’re living in a foreign country and loving it. I think I speak for both of us when I express gratitude for everything.

So so so much love from down under!!!!

Also…on a side note……I promise there will be pictures someday!!! I’m just as impatient as you are. 🙂