two awesome Americans in Australia

by Emily

I’m still getting used to what day of the week it is, and it’s made my sense of time a little wonky. We flew out of St Louis early Saturday morning, arriving in LA around noon. My wonderful cousin’s wonderful husband picked us up at the airport and we were able to spend most of our 12 hr layover on the beach and enjoying the hospitality of an old camp friend of Cooper’s. We even managed to fit an In n’ Out run in, Coop’s officially been indoctrinated into the fan club. It’s a big deal.

Our flight out of LAX was delayed a little bit because of something or other but we got into the air and 14 or so hours later, landed in AUSTRALIA. The lovely Kat with boy in tow picked us up at the airport and escorted us to her cozy abode. We dropped stuff off and went exploring. We had fresh juice smoothies, met her best friend Nikki, and got a bit of a feel for this new place that’s our own for the summer.

We then fell asleep around 6pm and slept til 6am. Whoops! It was a glorious and necessary sleep. Our first full for real we’re-in-Australia day was awesome. Because we were up so early, we lounged around, playing games and reading til a more reasonable time. Then, we walked back into the city to look for jobs!

Introducing ourselves as “awesome Americans who need jobs”, we made a lot of people smile. After asking around, Cooper was proved correct that awesome wasn’t making these potential employers think “inexperienced” but rather “fun and happy”. Only one place told us no flat-out, the rest told us to bring/email resumes and if they couldn’t employ us themselves, they’d send out our resume to other places. SO cool.

After job searching, we found him a delicious grilled burrito and me fantastic froyo. Mama Coop, the cupcakes here are a billion times more expensive than at Georgetown Cupcakes. We’re pretty disappointed.

We made it back to the apartment by around 7 and both fell asleep reading within the hour. Someday our sleeping will be back to normal. Tomorrow we’re going back to bring our resumes to those places and explore some more.

I’m having…technical…difficulties with my laptop (it seems to have finally died) so pictures will have to wait. Sorry!!

This is already such an amazing adventure. We’re meeting friendly and interesting people—so much to be grateful for.

Tons of love from down under!!