Authenticity Spoken Word Piece

by Emily

This is designed to be spoken and heard rather than read, but I wanted to share it anyways.

So many patterns of authenticity, of imitation.  If a painting is an imitation of an authentic painting, is it technically authentic to itself? Something suggests authenticity is impossible, important, improbable.

Authenticity, the antithesis of me, mine and yours, ours
What’s ours? This world This world is yours, mine, ours
We got hours every day, days every week
We must support the weak and frail
Ugly ducklings in a row
Death row for the ugly at heart
the heart and it’s love is a precious thing
to be kept safe behind bars,
Jail has bars, shall we outlaw love?
Love brings pain, or is that not really love?
Pain is weakness leaving the body
Is love weakness, I must protest
Love is essential and authentic, genuine progress is huge
A huge blow to progress is chaining love
we must break the chains
and not the hearts
give real love,
protect hearts, send love, fend off pain
love is not pain
Love is beautiful, authentic, pure,
lure the wicked off cliffs, cliff notes at the end
the bottom of the heap
please share, love, with a flair for the
dramatic, dramatize, romanticize war
wherefore art thou soldiers
lovers battling lovers battling lovers
Wails and screams,
you scream, I scream, we all scream
for pain in our hearts,
and ice cream, we all must scream for authenticity
authentic to the last, a blast from the past
our childhood friends, we were authentic then, weren’t we?
friends lend support in times tough, rough waters churn,
burning hearts, passionate love, crashing it all
upon the rocks, churning the water

My thinking is changing, always shifting.  My thoughts are on a constant journey towards something new, is it the journey that matters or the end result?  Would the end result happen if the journey didn’t?  Can the journey happen if the end result doesn’t?  Of course it can, you’d just be a highway-man forever.