Waiting for Skilly and Duff

by Emily

Last night, I was at The Spot, a cute little wine/dessert/light supper shop that my aunt and uncle work at, waiting for the nights live music to begin.  The band scheduled to play featured Irish folk tunes as well as rude humor among other things.

While I was waiting, this is what I was thinking about.

The simple need to love simply cannot overpower the necessary need to live. Life must be lived to the fullest.

Can love be secondary? Should love be secondary? Or is it simply the kind of love found in relationships that must take a backseat to life, while an overarching love of humanity, with all it’s beauties and flaws, must be nurtured, encouraged, must have kind words whispered so gently to it, and most definitely watered daily.

The idea that you can have love from the entire world and from a relationship is like demanding the world not only allow you to have your cake, let you devour it, but also insist it does your dishes as well.

Settling for love at all is is the only way to go, as pessimistic a view as that may be. So many people don’t even get that, it’s greedy and self-centered to try for more.

(but oh god, we’re raised to want it all and more, is it really our fault?)

Focus instead on improving friendships and spreading the love. A relationship isn’t a prerequisite to happiness, in fact, happiness must be considered a prerequisite to a relationship.  The old adage about loving yourself before you can love anyone else is partially true.  You can love other people before you love yourself, but to have a healthy relationship. you must first love yours truly.

Now, I’ll step back off my soapbox.  I have a feeling that was written more for myself than for anyone else, shall we see if I actually follow my own advice?