Original Beauty

by Emily

This is a poem I wrote in protest of the skewed images our society has of beauty and what it means to be beautiful. and as a reminder that beauty is in reality.

Original Beauty
Original beauty; the kind
not found for sale on a
Grocery store shelf; the kind
That washes up out of the sea;
A sweet surprise, a treasure to behold

A geometric beauty, all
Straight lines, with no gentle curves
Hard, cold, plastic Barbie
For a soft, sweet lover
All for looks, unfeeling and
Harsh, can’t comfort
Organic hearts
Such an unmistakable lack,
There’s no beauty in pain

Painted faces, the masks hide all
‘Reality isn’t beautiful’ the cardboard butout intones
Plastic smiles and false eyelashes dance
A vacancy sign above the
Hotel; where cheapness and love co-mingle,
Almost peacefully, not quite happily
Love sold to the highest bidder; those
Without remain unloved, desperation welling up
They are the ones that sleep alone,
After swearing never again