Different Priorities Don’t Equal A Failure

by Emily

I called my dad 7 min before my curfew to tell him that I wanted to finish the hilarious movie I was watching, and instead of the simple “yes” I was hoping for, I got told I’m a slacker who needs to get her priorities in line.

I’m bad because I care more aboutmy friends than I do working. A typical teenage philosophy, and one thats not harming me.  I recently got a job, went on a family vacation, led a church call, knocked quite a few to-do’s off my list, among other things.  Along the way, there was quite a bit of socializing.

For all the good times, I get an almost equal amount of lectures and anger in my direction, for failing to have the same priorities as my father. Excuse me for not wanting to spend my life cleaning, working, and doing his a nd my mother’s bidding; I have things much more important.

I hate feeling guilty for not doing my part, when I do.

I hate being told he’d rather have my friend for a daughter, or my other friend for a son.

I hate knowing he doesn’t realize I didn’t quite see the humor in his joke about wanting my friends for children rather than me.

I hate feeling gross about myself for wanting to spend time wth my friends.

I hate feeling as if I’m abandoning my family in their darkest hour everytime I leave the house.

I hate feeling not good enough, when he and I both know I am good enough and better.

I hate that he bears down on me, forgetting that I’m lightyears ahead of where he was at my age.

Hm. Now if only I could express it all this well when I try to talk to him, and if only he could understand.

Alas, I can’t, and nor can he. Ah well, we all have our faults.