New Job

by Emily

Today, I start training for my new job at a restaurant near me. 

I spent all summer applying for job after job, only to receive one at a place I had previously applied to, and not heard back from.  I had originally talk to the wrong person, and after talking to the right person, I was hired.

I need the money, but otherwise, I’m not sure I would have gotten a job.  I have nothing against hard work, I just feel that often there are ways I’d rather spend my time; such as improving my writing, reading new books, reading old books, spending time with friends, or anything else often. 

Oh well, I’ll get to meet new people, and as part of training I’m required to sample all of the food on the menu, something I’m quite ok with. 

I’ll keep an open mind and empty stomach for this new job, and be grateful that I was finally able to get it, silencing my parents complaints that I was slacking, and hopefully finally filling my constantly empty wallet.