by Emily

Glittering lights, a plethora of sounds,
Decadence abounding, an array of aromas
Drifting in and out of consciousness
Swaying beats, and gentle rhymes
tar and sand, hot under feet
Joyful shouts, life rollicking though
Chattering children, gossiping adults
“Summertiiiime…aaand the livin’s eeeasy
Soft music, soothing hot tempers, mediating
Sitting cross-legged, shoes scattered, people gather
Stories shared, memories recounted, lessons learned
The act of jumping the time and space rift
Leaping from the dock, perfected to an art
The science of timing and momentum
Mutinous tendancies quelled by unending freedom
Paused intermittently for dinner bells
“Clang, clang, clang” drawing the tides of
Freedom lovers back into the warm arms of mom
And rules and cleanliness and feet bound by shoes and socks